James Powell

Hello! I am a budding software engineer with 7 years of mechanical engineering experience. I made the switch to software engineering to satisfy my lifelong passions for building things and technology. Take a look around and see how I can help your business.


Liar's Dice

A multiplayer game based on the physical dice game of Liar's Dice. Highlights of the application are the use of websockets for real-time communication and support for multiple concurrent games. The API is built to be stand-alone which will enable a 3rd party front-end to use it such as a future native mobile app.GitHub

Back-end Tech: Java, Spring Boot, JPA, H2 Database, SQL, Websockets(Stomp, SockJS)

Front-end Tech: Javascript, Underscore, Jquery, CSS3, HTML, Websockets(Stomp, SockJS)


A web app completed after only 5 weeks of classes. Fetch allows users to request items/services and drivers to accept and fulfill requests. It served as a teamwork challenge with each team tasked to build a unique crud app over a weekend. The back-end was built entirely by myself. The front-end was built by my three teammates. Fetch highlights the successful implementation of a minimal web framework and raw SQL.GitHub

Back-end Tech: Java, Spark Web Framework, H2 Database, SQL

Front-end Tech: Javascript, Jquery, CSS, HTML



I am available for full-time job opportunities or freelance contracts, so get in touch!